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I'm Imanuel Habekotté, I'm 20 years old (when I wrote this page I was 17). I'm often quiet and I'm good at explaining things clearly. My biggest interests are music, computers and mathematics. As a student, it depends, sometimes I'm curious, sometimes I even research too much (things that are related to my homework), but I can also do my homework like any person.

I started playing piano when I was 12 years old, though I made up songs long before that. I couldn't whistle, but I could make music by singing, or humming, or (sort of) beat-boxing. I sometimes also make music in my head, without actually making a sound.

I like making new music, because I like listening to all sorts of music and I think it's fun to create my 'own kind' of music. My compositions contain many different moods. It's probably easy to recognize pieces made by me, because of my playing style. One reason for that is the fact that in the past four years I discovered a number of musical ideas, which I use from from time to time in my compositions. For example, one of the first things I noticed was that the pattern of zeroes changing into ones in binary representations of successive numbers sounds very musical. In fact, counting from 1 up until 4 in the binary numeral system sounds very familiar. To make the patterns sound on a keyboard, you can just assign each digit position to a piano note.

Besides music, I'm also very interested in designing new things for programmers (new programming languages, better programming workflow, etc.) and I also like to do maths. I've been experimenting with a new generalized notation for mathematics. You see, mathematics is a very neat subject in many ways, but still I think that there can be made small (or maybe even big) improvements to the notation that mathematicians have been using for so long. Not just aesthetic improvements, I'm talking more about readability and consistency. If you're interested in following along with the making of a new maths book, check out my blog (broken link!). I am going to start a new blog altogether, if you want to know more send me a message: my email (and yes, I am ask you to concatenate these parts manually, sorry I have to take this measure to prevent receiving spam!) is:
[ "ima.habekotte" "@" "" ] (concat)

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